XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

XLL+ Function Wizard

The XLL+ Function Wizard is an addin for Microsoft® Visual Studio™. It makes it easy to create and maintain Excel Add-in functions.

Writing addin functions for Excel in C/C++ is tedious and error-prone, even for the most experienced and conscientious of developers. The developer must write code to:

If you use the XLL+ AppWizard to create your Visual Studio project and the XLL+ Function Wizard to create your addin functions, all this code will be generated for you. And if you need to change your function's interface later, the Wizard will modify the generated code as needed.

Getting started

The links below will take you to the main topics, to get you started with the Function Wizard.

Function Wizard On-Line Help
Summary of commands
User Guide: Function Wizard

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