XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Assigns the CXlOper to be an array, sets it to a size and allocates the memory to contain its items

void AllocArray(
   size_t szRows,
   size_t szCols
void AllocArray(
   size_t szRows,
   size_t szCols,
   const CXlOper& xloFill



The number of rows to be allocated in the array.


The number of columns to be allocated in the array.


A value which will be used to initialise all the cells in the array.


This function sets a CXlOper to be an array and sets its size. It then populates it either with #N/A (first variant), or with xloFill (second variant).

Use this function if you are returning an array of mixed cells, such as strings and numbers in a single array. If you are returning arrays of a single type, then you will find the FromMatrix() and FromVector() functions simpler and quicker to use.


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Header: xllplus.h

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