What was new in XLL Plus 5.0

We've added some useful enhancements to XLL+ in version 5.0. The main features are listed below.

Visual Studio 2005

XLL+ 5.0 is available in a version that supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The run-time libraries and samples use the new 'safe' functions of the C standard library. The help and user guide integrate fully with the new Visual Studio 2005 help formats and style, and the XLL+ tools work within the VS 2005 environment.

Owners of licenses for XLL+ for Visual Studio 6 or XLL+ for Visual Studio .NET are eligible for a substantial discount on the list price for this version.

XLL Host

Our new XLL Host module can be used to emulate Excel in environments were Excel cannot be run, e.g. business-critical servers where Excel's instability is unacceptable. XLL Host lets you run your Excel add-ins exactly as they are without any changes or even rebuilding. This makes it possible to deliver your Excel add-ins to non-Excel production environments without any change to your code.

For more information see the on-line documentation.

Asynchronous functions using RTD

We've added a new Real-time Data module, along with sample code and a User Guide, to let you write asynchronous functions that calculate in a background, and only return to Excel when a calculation is complete. The module uses Excel's native RTD mechanism to provide an asynchronous calculation implementation that is efficient, stable and unintrusive.

For more information see the on-line documentation.