Patch 141021 for XLL+ 7.0.6/VS2013

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Download: Patch 141021 for XLL+ 7.0.6/VS2013
Version: 7.0.6
Date: 21-Oct-14
Size: 115 kb

XLL+ Patch 141021 for XLL+ 7.0.6 for Visual Studio 2013 (licensed version)

Patch 141021 for XLL+ 7.0.6/VS2013 is a patch release and should be applied to XLL+ 7.0.6. If you have an earlier release installed, you should first uninstall it and then install XLL+ 7.0.6.


To apply the patch, unzip the contents, and then follow the instructions in XllPlus-7.0.6-Patch-141021.txt.


In some installations of XLL+ version 7 for Visual Studio 2013, the following problem is occurring.

When an add-in function is inserted or updated using the XLL+ developer tools, including the Function Wizard and the XLL AddIns ToolWindow, any header files that are required by the function's extensions are being inserted at the top of the C++ (.cpp) source file.

This patch addresses this problem.

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