Technology Solutions

Planatech's products and development projects make extensive use of our experience of many different development languages and environments. Much of our work is based around the proprietary technology of the Planatech Language Engine.

Planatech Language Engine

The Planatech Language Engine contains a rich object model of functions, APIs and human-computer interfaces, and a number of language modules which allow the engine to read existing code and to produce new code in a variety of languages.

It has been used by us and by our clients and partners to produce cheap and error free code, solving a variety of technology problems.

Planatech Language Engine

The technology of the engine is usually delivered in task-specific bundles as black or grey boxes. We have used the technology in varying scenarios under various business models, including:

  • Revenue sharing of jointly developed products
  • Cooperative distributed development of web sites for fixed and variable price
  • Onsite and offsite development of bespoke software

Next, we discuss the configuration of the language engine.