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PRB: Under Windows 7, REGSVR32 fails with error code 0x8007005

Reference: Q0052

Article Last Modified on 22-Aug-2011

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PRB: Under Windows 7, REGSVR32 fails with error code 0x8007005


When I try to register a COM server module, such as RtdHandleServer.dll, XllRtdLink.dll or XlpRibbonServer.dll, REGSVR32 fails, with error code 0x8007005.


You need administrative rights in order to register a COM server module. Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may also need to explictly assert those rights, by starting a session "as administrator", using the right-mouse on the Start Menu.


Error message

When you run the command-line "REGSVR32 RtdHandleServer.dll", a message box like this appears:

Starting a command prompt as administrator

Under Windows Vista and above, it is usually necessary to explicitly assert that a session will run with administrator's rights. You can do this by starting a session using the "Run as administrator" menu command.

  1. Open the Start menu to show the command you wish to run (e.g. "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt").

  2. Right-click on the menu option to show the context menu:

  3. Clieck on "Run as administrator".

  4. If a "User Account Control" message box appears, asking "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer?", click "Yes".

  5. The command prompt window will open, with a modified title bar, as shown below:

  6. You can now run the REGSVR32 command without the error.

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