Our newest release of XLL+ is now available for download and for sale.

XLL+ 7 provides significant new features including the capability to produce 64-bit add-ins, support for the Office Ribbon and integration with Visual Studio versions 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008 and 2005.

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XLL Plus

XLL Plus is a toolkit to help C++ developers build Excel add-ins.

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Use XLL+ in Microsoft Developer Studio and you can have a fully-functioned Excel add-in working in minutes. There is no need to use COM or write any Visual Basic code. The entire project is in pure C++.

XLL+ opens up all the power of the Excel SDK, with little or no learning curve.

XLL+ is used by most of the world's top investment banks, and many other leading engineering companies, manufacturers, universities, analysts and investment houses.

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SciIntegrator™, co-developed with SciComp Inc., provides an easy-to-use tool for integrating SciPDE™ and SciMC™ pricing code into Microsoft® Excel.

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SciFinance™, SciComp's premier suite of products, automates the pricing of derivatives by transforming brief specifications into executable source code.

SciIntegrator's suite of tools automatically adds wrappers to any SciFinance-generated code to allow easier integration of pricing and hedging models into trading and risk management systems, web sites and applications with no programming.

SciXL generates Microsoft® Excel add-ins for SciFinance-generated codes and produces custom spreadsheets into which you can load the add-ins to immediately run your pricing models.

SciCOM, SciNet and SciJava generate "wrapper code" around SciFinance-generated C code, for use under COM, .NET and Java.

Find out more at the SciComp web-site.

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